Get a new ooVoo account

You can easily create an ooVoo account.


To create a new ooVoo account:

  1. Go to the ooVoo website and click Download.
    If you already have ooVoo installed on the computer, you can also create a new account from the ooVoo sign in page by clicking on the 'Get a new ooVoo account' link.
    You can sign into your account on different computers (as long as ooVoo is installed). Please note that if you download files or receive video messages, they will be saved to the currently used computer disk.
  2. Enter an ID which is easy to remember in the 'ooVoo ID' field.
    The ID can contain letters (uppercase and lowercase) and numbers. It can also contain dots (.), dashes (-) and underlines (_), but the ID must start with a letter or number and cannot include spaces.
  3. Choose a password and enter it in the 'Password' field. The password cannot include spaces. Enter the password again in the 'Confirm password' field.
  4. Enter your first and last name. This name will become your display name.
    Your display name can be edited in your ooVoo card.
  5. Enter your e-mail address in the 'E-mail' field.
    It's important to enter a correct e-mail address in order to retrieve your password.
  6. Enter the verification code in the text box exactly as it appears. If you are having difficulty reading the letters or numbers, click 'Try a different code' to receive a new code to enter.
  7. Select your birthday and gender.
    You can prevent this information from being shown in your ooVoo card by setting your privacy options.
  8. If desired, select whether you plan to use ooVoo for business, personal use or both.
  9. Check the 'Yes, I accept the terms of the ooVoo End User License Agreement' option in order to create an account (click on a link to read the agreement).
  10. Click Create. A summary window appears. Click Download ooVoo to install the ooVoo application.


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